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Fees & Terms of Business

Notary Fees

  1. I have a standard charge of £80.00 for notarising a straightforward document usually with an extra £20.00 for each additional documents dealt with at the same time.  For more complex matters I charge on the basis of the amount of time taken and my present hourly rate is £160.00 an hour.  In exceptional cases, for example where the work is extremely urgent or an appointment needs to be arranged at an antisocial time I reserve the right to vary the rate.
    For procuring legalisation  (presentation of the notarised  document to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and/or foreign Embassy) there is usually a charge of £20.
    There is no VAT.
  2. If I have initially agreed a fixed fee and it then turns out that the matter is more complicated than originally indicated or more documents or people are involved I have the right to review the fee agreed.
  3. Payment
    By cash, cheque or Bank Transfer please.  I do not have the facility to take cards.
  4. Travelling
    I make no charge for travelling to see clients within a radius of 15 miles from home but otherwise I have the right to charge at a rate currently 40 pence per mile.
  5. Out of pocket expenditure
    In addition to my own charges you will need to pay me for any expenditure I make on your behalf.  These may include Government, Embassy, and Agency fees and also carriage expenses if anything other than the standard First Class delivery service is to be used.
  6. My charges are normally payable at our meeting or, if not paid on that occasion, prior to receipt of the notorised document.
  7. My responsibilities
    I need to check your identity and also satisfy myself as to your legal capacity and authority and your understanding of the documentation in question.  If that document is in a foreign language it may be necessary to obtain a translation, possibly from a duly qualified and certified translator.If certification is required of copies of documents originating from a third party it is frequently necessary to carry out checks with that third party.I am not able to advise you of the effect of any particular document and if you are in any doubt you must seek assistance from a lawyer or other professional who is familiar with the requirements of the locality in which the document is to be used.
  8. Liability and Insurance
    My liability to you is limited to the amount of my insurance indemnity cover which is one million pounds. Our agreement is covered by English law and any dispute shall ultimately be decided by the English Courts.