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Notary ServicesPeople don’t often find themselves needing the services of a Notary Public but when they do it is frequently unexpected and often urgent.

I can usually deal with a matter within 24 hours although it may take longer if third party input is required.

The most common services I am asked to provide are those relating to:-

  • Witnessing Powers of Attorney relating to foreign properties or Court proceedings.
  • Certifying the genuineness of academic professional and similar certificates for people going to work overseas.
  • Certifying the genuineness of copies of British Passports.
  • Validating documents for immigration or foreign adoption applications.
  • Assisting where people are to be married or indeed have died or suffered injury abroad.
  • Certifying Forms of Consent for children travelling abroad.
  • Authenticating company documents for use overseas or for setting up a business in a foreign country.
  • Procuring any necessary endorsements by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office and by Foreign Embassies or Consulates.

As well as making sure of the genuineness of documents brought to me I also check and certify your own identity and if you are being asked to sign documents I have to be sure you understand what you are doing and that you sign willingly. My certificate to that effect then makes those documents acceptable in foreign jurisdictions.

Occasionally a personal meeting is not necessary but where it is I can usually see you at short notice although only by appointment. We can meet either:-

  • At your premises – I prefer mornings but I can accommodate afternoons and evenings, even weekends.
  • During office hours at one of the offices of my former solicitors firm (Finn Gledhill) at Halifax or at Hebden Bridge or at the office of Lucas Lee & Partners, Chartered Surveyors in Huddersfield.