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David Lee Notary   —   Privacy Statement

1            INTRODUCTION.

The confidentiality of information about a  client and his or her  affairs was instilled into me at the very beginning of my training as a lawyer and still remains to the forefront of my mind.  This Privacy Statement  informs  you how and why I collect  and process   information about you (referred to as “ personal data”) and what your rights are in that respect.


Personal data is any information which relates to an individual and which can be used to identify that particular  individual. The information I may hold about you may  include:-

  • Your full name and your address and contact details, i.e. telephone numbers and email address.
  • Passport and Driving licence, utilities bills, bank statements etc.
  • Details of your occupation or employment.
  • Birth or Marriage (and Divorce) Certificates.
  • Academic or occupational qualification Certificates.
  • Records of appointments and interviews.

This list is not exhaustive but illustrates the  kind of information I typically come by. I may also need similar information about other family members so far as it is relevant to the performance of my duties.


In general terms  I  need the information gathered :-

  • For identification, money laundering  and other regulatory compliance reasons
  • To use or process  for purposes necessary for the performance of the duties for which you have engaged me including, if necessary, procuring acts from other organisations or individuals.
  • To comply with applicable law including Notary Practice Rules, Code of Conduct, guideline and regulations or in response to  a request from a Court of Law or regulatory body.

4             SHARING OF DATA.

Unless so required by a superior authority  ( such as a Regulator or a Court of Law I share your Data with third parties only  to the extent necessary to perform my contract with you. Those third parties my include, for example, those involved in the “Legalisation “ process, i.e postal and courier services,  Consular Agents,  the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and foreign Embassies and Consulates.  

A limited amount of personal data may become available to the reception staff of Finn Gledhill,  Solicitors, a firm with whom I no longer have any professional relationship but who allow me the use of their rooms for interview purposes.

Data may be sent overseas, including outside Europe but only in accordance with your specific instructions or when essential to the performance of our contract.


Electronic information is stored on my computer  which is password protected and is located  in my private office which is kept locked except when in use.

The computer is monitored, usually daily, for security breaches and unusual parameters and malware and virus  protection is maintained.  However, please be aware that the transmission of information by electronic means is a process  which is never completely secure and over which I do not have full control. I cannot, therefore, guarantee the security of information transmitted by that means.

Physical  (hard) copies of information are stored  locked  in my  private office.

6            STOREAGE TIME

Your personal data will be retained for as long as is reasonably necessary  for the purposes indicated above or as required by the law or by my professional rules and regulations.  For example, the Notaries Practice Rules require that copies of notarial acts in what is termed Public (or Authentic) form must be preserved indefinitely  and that records of acts not in public form be retained for at least 12 years.

After the expiration of the appropriate period the data will be securely destroyed.

7              YOUR RIGHTS

You have a number of rights in respect of the your data  and those rights include:-

  • Subject to certain conditions, limitations and exemptions and the rights of other data subjects to request copies of their data held by me.
  • To request that I rectify any inaccurate or incomplete information.
  • To request that I erase the personal data I am holding, a request to which I will comply unless there is  lawful reason for not doing so.
  • To request that I restrict my processing of your data in various circumstances.  Again a request with which I will comply unless there is lawful reason not o do so.
  • To request that I transfer a copy of your data to another provider of the same or similar services.
  • The right to withdraw your consent to my processing your data on the basis of  previous consent, express or implied.
  • Your right  to complain is  preserved  (see “Complaints”) page.


Should you  have any queries about this notice kindly contact me by email:–office@davidleenotary.co.uk.